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NUT IT OUT Mechanical Repair Service. Mostly caters for all small engine powered equipment, air compressors, workshop tools and most other associated equipment. We can also provide servicing and repairs for most cars and light commercial vehicles. We provide fault diagnosis, breakdown and repair services, general minor and major servicing, small machining jobs and much more. Our service extends to virtually any mechanical or electrical fault, diagnosis and repair or other related needs you may have.

Incorrect diagnosis can be time consuming and expensive. It may even COST YOU TWICE. First time..labour+part/s..but what if that still didn't fix the problem/s?..Maybe the part/s weren't even faulty afterall? A second attempt could mean more labour and more parts and just hope the problem IS fixed this time? Sound familiar? You could be left wondering, lacking confidence or worse...out of pocket and still NO results?....Well...

With NUT IT OUT you can be assured, Our policy is 'Do It Right, Do It Once.'

We will fully assess the problem first and inform you of the results, we wont just throw potentially un-required parts at it and 'hope' they fix 'it'. We will do a full inspection and assessment to determine the true cause of the problem. We will then provide a full report of our findings and recommendations before any repairs are carried out. You can then chose your preferrence from the repair options that we suggest or be free to get a second opinion etc, the choice is yours.

You only pay one fixed fee for the inspection/assessment, if you don't wish to proceed with the repair at that time. You may qualify for a discount on inspection/assessment fee if you proceed with a repair on same day of inspection but conditons apply.

You can then decide how or when or even if you wish to proceed with full confidence.


Due to the wide and varied range of causes related to faults and breakdowns, each must be taken on a case by case basis. This may mean your problem might just be a quick fix if easy to identify and repair. However be aware that some faults can take some time to identify and then additional time to rectify.

All attempts are made to accurately assess faults and other issues without making any repairs but sometimes minor repairs may be required before a full assessment is even possible.

Please phone during business hours or contact via e-mail any time and i will reply by phone or e-mail as required ASAP.

Many thanks for reading....Hope to fix a problem for you soon.

Why us?

Quality Service and Value

20 years experience

Accurate Fault Diagnosis

Full Inspection and Report

We only fix it if it's really faulty

Call NOW with full confidence